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Why Elite Assistants?

Why Elite Assistants?

Why Elite Assistants?

Benefit From Our Position in the Market

Through our connection with Executive Assistant Network, Australia's only national business membership organisation and national training organisation for senior Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants, presently with over 5,000 members, by direct communication with over 5,000 other senior EA and PA contacts, and as a result of our broader website marketing strategies, we make it easier for you to source talent of the calibre you are looking for and easier to ensure your ads aren't lost among literally thousands of other competing ads on sites like SEEK.   

In 2014, this website attracted over 27,000 unique users and that number is constantly growing.

Advertising jobs with Elite Assistants is both easy and efficient and, most importantly, basic adverts are offered FREE of charge.

Feature-laden web solutions

We have a number of templates advertisers can choose from, all of which enable you to include your company logo to ensure a professional appearance, and we have all the application tracking, reporting, CV and cover-letter management systems you would expect from any major recruitment portal.

Multi-Posting Solutions

For Recruitment Firms or larger corporations using online multi-post recruitment solutions Job Adder or Ad Logic, please enquire with these organisations as both have solutions for linking to our website. Both enable you to use your own existing advert templates.


Until further notice, placing basic adverts with Elite Assistants is presently FREE of charge.

Simply register as an advertiser to take advantage of this incredible offer and start making use of the site immediately.

Please note that all advertisements must be for genuine Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant or other similarly titled senior business support role positions, including Office Manager, that attract a minimum salary of $60,000 (inc super) per annum and we reserve the right to remove any ads we think are unsuitable or not of the standard we expect.

Premium Services

As of January 2015 we now have a premium advertising option that guarantees your ads primary positioning and highlighting for the full duration of the listing - up to 30 days.  Please see our Costs page for more details.

(For those using multi posting sites please contact us for more information on how to utilise premium listings).